Refund for purchase

Refunds are only available if the VPN service is not functioning in Russia, despite prior statements about its availability. If it has been confirmed that the service is not available in Russia and you have purchased a subscription despite this, no refund will be provided.

We recommend that you carefully review information about the availability of a VPN service in your country, for example, using VPNLove service or ask the support of the service whose code you are buying, before making a purchase.

If a particular service does not work for you and you would like to apply for a refund, please see our refund policy below

Refund Period
You can make a refund within 6 days from the date of code purchase. The refund process itself takes 1-3 days.

Refund Value
We refund the funds with the commission deducted (about 10%).

Refund method
Refunds are made strictly to your crypto account in your selected cryptocurrency - USDT or Bitcoin.

Refund process
To initiate a refund or exchange, please contact our support team by the e-mail: [email protected]. Indicate "Refund" as the message subject, and type in the message the following:
- the e-mail address that you used for purchasing the code;
- the e-mail to which you registered your account
- the code (if possible);
- the crypto-account where you want to receive returned funds (specify the network and the cryptocurrency).

TrustZone VPN service is excluded from our refund policy.


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