Proxy by VPNPay - is a service created with the support of the Tech Talk team, that offers users the opportunity to purchase proxy servers. With this service, you can use the VLESS, VMess and Shadowsocks protocols to bypass internet restrictions in various countries.

What is a proxy?
A proxy server is an intermediary server (between your computer or smartphone and a website) that accepts your requests, executes them on its own behalf and transmits the result to you.

What are the different types of proxies?
There are several types of proxy protocols, each of which has its own features and areas of application, for example - HTTP(S), SOCKS4/5, which do not require separate client programs, as well as more adapted to bypassing blocking, but requiring the installation of separate programs: Shadowsocks, VLESS and so on. The installed program masks and encrypts the traffic, and for browser access to the encrypted tunnel it launches a local SOCKS proxy.

What can a proxy be useful for?
Using a proxy can be more convenient than using a VPN, because of the possibility of more convenient fine-tuning of programs and even specific addresses to work through the proxy. In the case of VPNs, customization is usually less flexible due to the specifics of implementation.

What proxies do we have?
We provide a set of the most well-known proxy protocols: VLESS, VMess and Shadowsocks. You can use them using applications recommended by our team or in applications/extensions that support the ability to specify your own local proxies.

How are our proxies different from others?
Currently, our proxies have no limit on the number of devices and have almost unlimited traffic (with restrictions to prevent abuse). By purchasing a 3 month/6 month/year subscription plan you can use the proxy on multiple devices at once. The convenient location where the proxy server is located (Poland) will allow you to bypass censorship with minimal delay.

Proxy setup
After payment you will receive a link, you can import it into an application that supports importing links with a set of protocols or open the link in a browser and select the protocol you need and the key (or QR code) for it, then set it up via the selected application, for example, via v2rayN on Windows or ClashX on macOS. The full list of supported clients is available here.

Membership Plan
Payment Method

Please note that the final amount may vary as there is a payment gateway fee